Ignorant or Unethical?

Dear Cooch, We here at Cooch Watch just read a very interesting article online in today’s Richmond Times Dispatch.  In the article, it talks about a company called Star Scientific Inc, in which you apparently have made healthy financial investments.  Not only have you invested in this company, but it seems they have invested in […]

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Part 2: We Gave The Cooch Choices

So basically Cooch Watch showed up to a pretty dull book signing party and livened things up a bit.  The crusty, old, white men in line pretty much ignored us.  Great.  But security, not so much.  And by security, we mean mall cops, private security, pretty sure there were some state funded security … [Read More...]

Standing on The Cooch’s Last Line of Defense

We know y’all wanted to be with us at the Cooch Watch Book Club this weekend. It was so much fun, that for those who couldn’t be there, we thought we’d write up a little book report. Picture this: Snow falls on a swanky mall deep in the DC suburbs, Kenny’s home turf. The Cooch himself sits … [Read More...]

The Cooch and “Aspirin for Birth Control” Guy….

Sitting in a tree....K-I-S-S-I-N-G. That's right. The Cooch had to release his tax returns for last year and turns out he was given an $8,056 gift from a multi-millionaire admirer. The Washington Post reports that Foster Friess invited The Cooch for a weekend of hunting in Texas. You may or may … [Read More...]

Newsflash: Common Decency Doesn’t Make You a Lover of Woman Kind.

This week it appears The Cooch is pandering in uncharted waters: women. We have been carefully watching The Cooch's new and very vocal campaign to end human trafficking. He recently had an op ed printed in the Washington Times and has used the issue as a talking point at many of his most recent … [Read More...]