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Caption Contest Winner!

Ok, this was definitely a group effort.  Several variations of this quote were left in comments, in addition to having the most ‘likes’ on facebook!

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Big thanks to the Rachel Maddow Show!

We are so happy for the shout out from Rachel Maddow last night!  It’s great to have so many new eyes on the Cooch!  Keep up the great work everyone!

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“Ultimate goal… to make abortion disappear in America” – the Cooch

Let’s make one thing clear: excessively regulating abortion clinics DOES NOT show women respect or love.

However it DOES patronize them with burdensome informed consent laws, undermines the highly specialized training of their physicians, and makes competent compassionate care less accessible.

This man is so deluded it makes his reign of tyranny as Attorney General all the more terrifying.

Making abortion essentially illegal does not make abortion go away.  It makes it dangerous.

Caption Contest!

All right Cooch Watchers- CAPTION CONTEST TIME!!

I was so impressed with your creativity on Tuesday, I want to see what else you’ve got…

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And the threats begin…

In less than 48 hours, Cooch Watch 2012 created enough of a buzz that the Cooch has sent out his goons.

It came to my attention today that Donald Spitz, founder of the Army of God website, and prominent violence promoting, anti-abortion activist, has added me to his website.

Donald Spitz believes killing abortion providers is “justifiable homicide.”

In typical extremist fashion, he attempts to dehumanize me by using a distorted photo of my face, and refers to me as “vulgar” and “quite obsessed with sex.”

He also targets our fictional news correspondent, Lacey Landry.

This man is extremely violent.

At Cooch Watch 2012 we are familiar with these tactics and will not be deterred.

Big thanks to all the Cooch Watchers for your vigilance and support!


Update: The Cooch Makes Landfall

Facebook Caption Contest Winner!

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The Virginia Pilot is running a poll asking if people agree with the Cooch’s decision to send back the regulations.

Check it out and cast your vote!


My name is Stephanie Arnold and I am speaking to you today as a woman, a native Virginian, an abortion clinic worker, and the creator of

Yesterday, within an hour of the release of a media advisory announcing the launch of, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli announced that he would refuse to certify the new, permanent regulations for abortion facilities approved by the Board of Health last month.

I created Cooch Watch because the Attorney General has proven his only agenda for the abortion regulations is to assure they are the strictest and most costly in the nation.  Everyone knows that if clinics have to somehow find a quarter of a million dollars to unnecessarily upgrade, many will close their doors.

Mr. Cuccinelli has shown no restraint in his abuse of power when it comes to abortion access in this state.  He intervened in the initial drafting process of the regulations removing a recommended and customary grandfather clause.

As of last night he interjected his authority once again to remove a grandfather clause that was restored through a vote last month by the bipartisan board of health.

Furthermore, the Attorney General and the Governor appear to be working in concert to assure the elimination of abortion access in our state.

On Friday the Governor announced the appointment of virulent anti-abortion activist physician John Seed to the Virginia Board of Health.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if the Governor stacks the Board with rabid anti-abortionists and the attorney general and he keep sending the regulations back to the board, that eventually the Board will only pass regulations that are designed to shut down clinics.  Again, these tyrants are not afraid to flagrantly demonstrate their power and personal agendas.

The people of Virginia showed our government this year with demonstrations, marches, and arrests on the State Capital that we will not sit quietly by while our elected officials use the government as a tool to wage their own personal War on Women. is relevant now more than ever.  We plan to attend Mr. Cuccinelli’s public events, ask questions, protest, and remind Mr. Cuccinelli that he is being watched and he will be held accountable for his actions.

We have an army of allies standing with us. We are determined to fight tyranny and we start tonight with a protest at 5:30pm in front of Freeman High School where Mr. Cuccinelli will be giving a talk to the Tea Party.

Thank you for your support.