Cooch Watch is filming our next video!

We received so much support for “Hands Off, Crazy” that we’re making another video! We need enthusiastic, energetic, enraged pro-choicers to show off their dance moves and lip-synching skills. Bring your friends, children, parents, pets, and whatever else you want!

Date: Thursday, August 30th

Time: 4:00pm-6:00pm

Location: Monroe Park, VCU Campus, Richmond, Virginia

You can check out the Facebook event page here.

RSVP to the September 14th Board of Health meeting

RSVP HERE to the Board of Health meeting on September 14th in Richmond, Virginia! This electronic RSVP is an attempt to tally the number of those who intend to attend the event and influence Commissioner Remley to reserve a larger space for the meeting. In June, the room couldn’t fit a third of the pro-choice supporters! We are also expecting a counter-protest by The Family Foundation, a Christian anti-choice organization based in Richmond. Please RSVP and show up on September 14th!

The Family Foundation is watching us… And learning a thing or two about social media.

The Family Foundation, a Christian anti-choice organization, is keeping an eye on Cooch Watch. In their latest newsletter and call to action, they noted that we have “gone so far as to call for the recusal of one of the Board members, stating ‘his religious and personal views should not affect the women of Virginia and their access to healthcare.’” The horror! We’re asking someone to not insert his religious beliefs into our medical facilities. Imagine that.

This message to Family Foundation supporters is meant to rally anti-choicers across the Commonwealth to counter-protest at the Board of Health meeting on September 14th in Richmond, Virginia. At the last meeting, pro-choice activists showed up en masse and our presence reminded the Board that politics have no place in healthcare. As a result, they added a grandfather clause protecting existing abortion providers from closure due to the proposed (medically unnecessary) structural requirements.

The email also mentions The Cooch, stating that his certification is to ensure the regulations are “constitutional and fulfill the requirements of the Virginia Code.” Since the Virginia Code referenced states that clinics should be “regulated” (other states have adopted grandfather clauses), Cooch Watch can only assume that what they really mean is that The Cooch will ensure the regulations are “so outrageously expensive and unnecessary that the majority of existing clinics already providing safe abortion care will shut down.”

Furthermore, it appears that Cooch Watch has been inadvertently tutoring the right wing in effective social media techniques. Victoria Cobb has recently started a caption contest on her family foundation website (hmmmmm, sound familiar?)  While Cooch Watch is pro-education, we are disappointed that Vicki didn’t take to heart the main message that we are trying to promote: Stop hating women and trying to take away our rights.
I suppose if she keeps reading our site, there is still a chance for her to see the light.

Caption Contest Winner!

This week’s contest was a close one, but as of midnight Wednesday Jeff R. had the most votes.  Congratulations Jeff!

Thank you!

We here at Cooch Watch want to say THANK YOU to all of our fans and fellow activists. Our new video “Hands Off, Crazy” has over 20,000 views in just 2 days! Big thanks to Maya at, Ms. Foundation for Women, Megan Carpentier from Raw Story, Rachel Maddow, and many, many more for sharing the video. Let’s keep spreading the word about The Cooch and his anti-choice agenda!

Also, a big THANK YOU to Carly from Two Spoons Photography for designing our flyers for the Board of Health meeting on September 14th.

#S14 The People vs. The Cooch

A great article on the upcoming Board of Health meeting was published today by Steve Contorno of The Examiner. This has an informative overview of what has been happening with the Board of Health, TRAP regulations, and The Cooch’s unlawful use of power. Take a look and make sure you share the word and invite your friends to the upcoming Board of Health meeting on September 14th!

Ken Cuccinelli is… The Cooch

This is a great graphic of what women are up against. It was published last year and it has proven true. We are hearing a lot more of him, especially since he wants to be Virginia’s Governor. It’s our job to stop him.

#S14 The People vs. The Cooch


The Cooch is attempting to shut down clinics in Virginia. In June, we showed up to the Board of Health meeting and they made a decision to amend the proposed TRAP regulations to include a grandfather clause that would save all existing clinics. The Cooch denied the Board of Health the right to make that amendment and the TRAP regulations are going back to the Board. This time around, Governor McDonnell brought in an anti-choice OB/GYN to stack the Board with more anti-choice representatives. It is even more important to show up on September 14th, as the fate of Virginia’s clinics is at stake and this may be the final round.

Check out the Facebook event page here.

The Anti-Choice Agenda of the GOP

It looks like The Cooch isn’t the only one looking to make abortions inaccessible. The GOP may be planning on pushing for a Constitutional ban on abortion. Read more here.

This picture of The Cooch’s buddy, Paul Ryan, pretty much sums up the thought process of the GOP machine.


Hands Off, Crazy!

We made a music video. You’re welcome.