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How We Got Here:

Virginia vs Vaginas from Kontra on Vimeo.

Big thanks to Kontra for this awesome video!

The Cooch and The Veep

This past Friday, the Cooch paired up with VP hopeful(ly not) Paul Ryan in Springfield for a “Victory Rally”. This pair has a history of efforts to restrict women’s rights and will make a dangerously powerful duo if elected. Not only does Ryan want to abandon seniors and give tax cuts to the rich, but he wants abortion to be illegal. He was even a co-sponsor of the Sanctity of Life Act, which would have declared that “human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization.”


The Cooch is mingling with the worst people possible, and we’re watching.

Caption Contest Winner!

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666 Fans for The Cooch

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Cooch Chat with Lacey Landry

The Cooch picks up the General Assembly’s trash (And gives him $80k a year)

As many Cooch Watchers know, The Cooch has been actively working to control the lives of women across the Commonwealth. Some recent Cooch shenanigans seem to have gone unnoticed by the mainstream media. For example, they failed to cover the big middle finger he gave to the ex-wife of newly appointed assistant attorney general Norman A. Thomas. Thomas stated that his ex-wife accused him of assault and filed a protective order against him. He then allegedly violated this protective order and pleaded no contest to doing so at his trial. Because of his illegal and morally objectionable actions, the General Assembly declined to reappoint him to the bench this year. That’s right, Virginia. The Cooch finds a man who violates protective orders against women to be suitable as an assistant to the Attorney General. Don’t worry, Virginia. You’re in great hands.


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Eddie Scarry from The Blaze hits The Cooch’s facial expressions on the head.

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The Cooch gets left out in the cold.

Last weekend Mitt Romney made a campaign stop in Virginia.  In a pretty telling gaffe, Romney inadvertently dissed the Cooch by showing a bit of honest favoritism to Bill Bolling.  This is interesting considering his recent pandering to ultra conservatives, and his recent selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate.

You can read about it here:

Rollout Fail: Mitt Romney Disses Tea Party Star On Day Of Base-Focused VP Rollout.

and here:

Romney seems to endorse Bolling in Va. governor’s race, then retracts comment

Mark Your Calendar!

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The Cooch gets award for sending civil liberties back to the dark ages.

The Cooch has been given an award by the Virginia Christian Alliance for his “performance” during last year’s General Assembly session…

And by “performance” I mean playing doctor for the women of Virginia, and attempting to restrict civil liberties like the world’s most famous dictators.

It’s just gross.