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It’s official: Bullies get their way in Virginia

The Cooch certified the new, medically unnecessary Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers today. Nobody is surprised that he certified these regulations after he threatened the Board of Health and forced them to remove the grandfather clause that would exempt existing clinics from these onerous architectural requirements.

Next, they land on the Governors desk where he will eagerly sign the regulations into law.

You can read more about it here, here, and here.

We here at Cooch Watch want to thank The Cooch for being transparent in his attempt to shut down abortion clinics in Virginia. We believe this transparency will help the citizens of Virginia to make informed choices when voting for Governor in 2013.

The Cooch doesn’t believe women are worth protecting, unless they’re in fetal form.

In January of this year, the National Association of Attorneys General sent a letter to the Members of Congress asking them to reinstate the Violence Against Women Act. This act helped to reduce the annual incidence of domestic violence by over 50% since 1994. This legislation would help strengthen domestic violence prevention programs, provide better services for victims of domestic violence, and train people to recognize warning signs of domestic violence.

Attorneys General from 47 of the 50 states signed this document, along with all Attorneys General from outlying territories.

Those who did not sign this letter include Alabama’s Luther Strange, Alaska’s Michael G. Geraghty, and (surprise!Virginia’s very own Ken Cuccinelli.

It is not news to us that The Cooch doesn’t actually care about women’s health. We can see this in his attempt to shut down abortion providers, but this lack of respect for the livelihood of women is disgusting and heartbreaking.

This man is running for governor and we must do everything we can to stop him from getting elected. Please join us. Your support is crucial.


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When will TRAP be signed into law? Within 2 months, says McUltrasound.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell announced this morning during an interview that he will sign the Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers into law within the next 2 months. He is waiting for The Cooch to approve it first.

We find out in an article how McUltrasound believes the regulations will affect clinics. Those outcomes do not include forcing clinics to close.

” ‘I think that these new regulations are going to contribute to the expense, but I haven’t, at least from what I’ve been told by folks, really… don’t see that it’s going to amount to clinics really closing,’ he said. ‘It’s a cost issue.’ “

Yes. It is a cost issue. And many clinics simply don’t have the money to renovate their buildings.

You can read the full article here. We would also love for people to let the world know what they think by commenting on the article.


Virginia’s attack on women’s health on Democracy Now

Democracy Now features the recent Board of Health vote and “Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers” in today’s War and Peace Report.

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Supporter Appreciation Cook-Out / Come Buy A Shirt!

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T-shirts will also be available for sale. We’re sorry we were unable to distribute t-shirts at the Board of Health meeting due to a shortage in staff and a hectic morning, but we will have the shirts at this shindig. They are only $5 and were printed by the amazing people at King Screen! Check out the video below showing the t-shirts being printed!

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The Board of Health

As many of you probably know, the Board of Health voted to pass the Targeted Regulations of Abortion Providers without the grandfather clause. This means that 20 abortion providers in Virginia will be forced to close or undergo costly renovations to abide by these structural requirements that classify them as hospitals.

Some organizations have already released statements condemning the Board for their actions including Progress Virginia.

You can read accounts of the meeting and its results in numerous places including the following links: The Washington Post, Richmond Times-DispatchFeminist Majority Foundation, Feministing, Examiner, and Huffington Post.

Please take a few minutes to watch this amazing mini-documentary from the meeting made by Kontra from Kromatic Photography.


Autocrat or Attorney General?

Cooch Watch is currently at the Board of Health meeting waiting to reconvene for the vote on abortion clinic regulations. As mentioned in our earlier posts, The Cooch threatened the Board of Health and stated that he gave them his legal opinion and if they disregard it then they are on their own.

This article from today’s newspaper in Hampton Roads tells it like it is, stating “Now, if board members don’t align their decision with the attorney general’s views, they risk opening themselves to liability.”

You can watch the live stream of the Board of Health vote here.

You can also see updates on the meeting from the mainstream media here, here, and here.

The Cooch takes the gloves off and outright threatens the Board of Health

We here at Cooch Watch are just glad the whole “we care about women’s health” charade is over for The Cooch. Yesterday, in a letter from the Office of the Attorney General, The Cooch told Board of Health members that they were not required to take his advice, however if they did not, he could deny them  state legal counsel and they would have to pay for their own defense if litigation follows as a result.

So, basically, The Attorney General is supposed to defend ALL state agencies and he is going to REFUSE to uphold his Constitutionally mandated duties if you don’t agree with him. Sounds about right to us.

If you are in Virginia, we hope that you will be out in force at tomorrow’s Board of Heath meeting. The time is now. Let’s show the bullies in power that Virginians will not sit quietly by while you threaten our public officials. We must come out and support the Board and show them that we will stand behind them while they make the right decision. Re-instate the Grandfather Clause!

Check out the Facebook event here.