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Music Video Debut and Board of Health Meeting

Check out our newest music video that summarizes what has been going on with The Cooch and the Board of Health! The video features Swordplay and Ms. J along with some amazing backup dancers. See you at the Board of Health Meeting TOMORROW MORNING!

9960 Mayland Drive — Richmond, Virginia — 7:30am — STAND UP FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS!

The Cooch in Williamsburg

The Cooch will be in Williamsburg on Thursday, September 13th. Check out William & Mary’s announcement here. The event is free to the public and The Cooch will present a lecture titled “Balancing Power: Federalism, the State, and Individual Rights”. I wonder if he’ll speak about women and their rights…

If you’d like to visit The Cooch while he’s in town, maybe with some signs or other pro-choice swag, let us know and send your videos, pictures, and stories to!

Here’s the info:

Thursday, September 13th 2012
1pm – 2pm
Law School, Room 119
613 S Henry St
Williamsburg, VA 23185

The Cooch at the 2012 Values Voter Summit

The Cooch will be in Washington, DC from September 14-16 at the 2012 Values Voter Summit. Not only is he attending this “champion traditional values” (aka anti-choice, anti-gay) horror fest, but he is a featured speaker. He will be making his presentation sometime between 9am and noon on Saturday, September 15th. This event is sponsored by the American Values organization, Liberty University, and Family Research Council, among other right-wing organizations.

This is a little snapshot of part of their speaker list:

Easy online activism! (Hey out-of-towners!)

The ACLU of Virginia makes it super easy to send e-mails to the Board of Health members who voted to support the grandfather clause added to the clinic regulations. Just click here, fill out your information, and the e-mails are sent!

Another thing you can do to help the cause is sign this petition to demand that John Seeds recuse himself from the vote on Friday. John Seeds is an anti-choice activist physician who is crusading to end abortion! He cannot make unbiased decisions on issues surrounding abortion providers.

Law scholar John Paul Jones says The Cooch cannot dictate abortion regulations

Virginia Lawyers Weekly posted an article yesterday stating that law scholar John Paul Jones says The Cooch cannot dictate abortion regulations.

Jones said, “Nothing in the Constitution of Virginia even suggests that its framers intended to bestow on the Attorney General the power to substitute his view of what the Health Code dictates.”

Along with this awesome lawyer, check out these awesome medical professionals who are standing up to The Cooch!

Doctors everywhere agree: Medicine, Not Politics

Medical professionals have banned together to tell the Virginia Board of Health that what they are doing is risking the credibility of the Board and that politics should not play into healthcare decisions. Please share this widely and visit their website. (Currently down due to GoDaddy crash)

If you live in Virginia, please try to make it to the Board of Health meeting THIS FRIDAY! Not only are we outnumbered by anti-choicers on the Board, but St. Bridget Catholic Church has sent an e-mail to all their members, Victoria Cobb has called on her minions, and the Virginia Catholic Conference has been posting about it on their Facebook page. Also, we’ve found out that an unknown organization has been robo-calling conservative households with information on the event and what we have been planning. We need numbers! See you there.

Seeds is not backing down.

A recent article from PilotOnline states that John Seeds has no intention of recusing himself from the Board of Health vote on September 14th that could close most abortion clinics in the Commonwealth. Please sign this petition to urge him to recuse himself. We will hand-deliver the signatures to him at the Board of Health meeting in front of the press and the public. He cannot be trusted to make an unbiased vote on these regulations.

Also, if at all possible, please come out to the Board of Health meeting on September 14th in Richmond, Virginia. Our presence at the last meeting made a huge impact (which was swiftly overturned by The Cooch and his abuse of power) and we need to do it again! It is even more important this time around because Victoria Cobb, President of the Family Foundation, put out a call to her minions to be at the meeting as well.


Also, big thanks to Gloria Steinem for sharing our new music video!

Music Video Debut!


Big thanks to Kontra for filming and editing the video. Thank you to all who came out to participate! We couldn’t do this without you!

The Cooch honored for protecting “God’s Creatures” (Women not included)

The Cooch received an award from the Humane Society of the United States for working to prevent animal cruelty. The 2012 Human Law Enforcement Award was given to The Cooch on Wednesday.

The Cooch stated, “It’s important to be good stewards of all God’s creatures”. Unfortunately, that seems to exclude people with vaginas.

Congratulations! If you’re an animal, The Cooch will watch your back. On the other hand, if you are a human with a vagina, you’re SOL.

So what happens when a dog dresses as a person who has a vagina?

Recuse Yourself, John Seeds!

We are demanding that Dr. John Seeds recuse himself from voting on the abortion clinic regulations with the Board of Health on September 14th, as his religious and personal views should not affect the women of Virginia and their access to healthcare. Please sign this petition that we will hand-deliver to John Seeds on September 14th.

Recently appointed to the Board of Health by Governor Bob McDonnell (R), Dr. John Seeds is a vocal opponent of first-trimester abortion. He was appointed one month after the Board of Health voted to implement a “grandfather clause” into recently adapted anti-abortion clinic regulations. The abortion clinic regulations are a direct attack on abortion providers, as they were not directed at medical facilities that house more risky procedures, such as dentist offices and cosmetic surgery facilities.

Several doctors spoke at the last Board of Health meeting during the public comment period stating that the architectural/building portion of the regulations are not medically necessary. The Board of Health decided to implement the “grandfather clause,” allowing clinics that currently provide safe abortion services to continue in their current buildings without having to make expensive and unnecessary architectural changes. These architectural changes are designed to be so expensive that current clinics would be forced to close their doors.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli refused to certify the regulations that exempt currently operating clinics from complying with the architectural/building regulations. He said the Board of Health did not have the authority to make decisions on how health clinics should be regulated.

To assure that the next Board of Health meeting will give him the results he desires, Governor McDonnell (R) has made sure Dr. John Seeds will be a voting member in the next meeting.

We are demanding that Dr. John Seeds recuse himself from this vote, as his religious and personal views should not affect the women of Virginia and their access to healthcare.



About John Seeds:
View Seeds’ profile on the Virginia Christian Alliance’s webpage here.
Read Seeds’ anti-choice essay entitled “God is Love” here.