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New Website! New Mission! New Video!

We are Cooch Watch 2013 and our mission is to keep Ken “The Cooch” Cuccinelli out of the Governor’s office. The Cooch’s anti-women agenda would be detrimental to the Commonwealth and we need your help to prevent this tyrant from gaining more power.

Check out our new video below that tells The Cooch what’s on our minds. Thank you to everyone who participated by sending us a photo!


Caption Contest Winner

Caption submitted by Roberta E.

The Cooch is on the move

The Cooch has made several public appearances in the past few weeks including being a keynote speaker at the Cherish Life Ministries Christian Life Summit on September 29th. You can see the video of his speech here. (Warning: Grab a trash can. Video may induce vomiting.)


Yesterday, The Cooch spoke in Martinsville at a round table discussion about environmental protection and affordable resources such as electricity and how it is affecting local businesses. He also took a trip to Martinsville yesterday to meet with the Tea Party and talk about the upcoming election and eminent domain. Today, he was a moderator at The Governor’s Conference on Energy for a segment called “Virginia Re-regulation: A Five Year Review.”

Within the next few months, Cooch Watch will be working to make The Cooch’s chances of becoming Governor diminish. He will be making more public appearances and Cooch Watch needs to have a presence. Please spread the news far and wide that we will not sit around and let him ruin the lives of the women of Virginia. Join us.