We promise hilarity and a damn good fight.

I really hate fund raising letters. Really, really, really.

Since I am writing one to you today, I feel that an explanation is in order before I begin the ‘beg-a-thon.’ So here goes:

Many of you know that Cooch Watch is rooted in outrage and determination to hold Ken Cuccinelli accountable for his blatant anti-choice agenda and misuse of power. My co-founder Stephanie and I saw Mr. Cuccinelli as a caricature of the anti-woman movement. And once we found out his nickname at UVa was “The Cooch,” we thought, “How can we NOT highlight all his extreme abuses of power… and have a little fun while doing it?” People across Virginia and across the entire country have been very receptive to us and our rants and parodies. We found that people are hungry for outrage and real on-the-ground action.

I have worked with many of the leading non-profit organizations that defend women’s rights in this country. I was in a coalition created to fight back against TRAP legislation recently passed in Virginia, which included all the big ‘powerhouse’ names that come to mind when you think of defending women’s rights and going after anti-woman bills and legislators. But when I joined that coalition, I joined because I wanted to fight for my rights. What I found in that group of very rich and very powerful organizations was a lot of people who were good at having meetings, forming committees, and talking with public relations experts. They were also very good at raising hundreds of thousands of dollars, and quickly spending this money with absolutely no tangible results.

That’s not how Cooch Watch fights. Because we are much more than just a fund raising machine, our methods can be more direct, much more engaging and effective than bigger organizations.

We are an all-volunteer organization, and therefore not asking for a lot. Our most urgent needs are a computer so we can create our videos more quickly and a good camera so that we don’t have to borrow one from a friend at a moment’s notice. We currently get copies of pamphlets from friends who work in offices, but it would be nice to be able to run to Kinko’s quickly if something pops up. For now, we share gas money when we have to travel to “watch” the Cooch in out of town locations. A gift from you–no matter how small–would help us reach these goals and enable us to prevent The Cooch from becoming Governor (and stir up some good old fashioned outrage along the way).

We know that this is the time of year that people normally write donation checks to their women’s rights group of choice. Before you do so this year, please take a minute to assess whether that group is making real change. Not by creating petitions, or schmoozing with politicians or going to women’s rights conferences. But really making the people in power listen. This can only be done on the ground, in real time and life, and by a group who is beholden to no one.

So, if you’re as outraged as we are, please donate to Cooch Watch here. We promise hilarity and a damn good fight.




Cooch Watch Takes Mansion Drive

Good Morning Cooch Watchers! What’s everybody in Northern Virginia doing tonight around 6:30??? We have been graced with another great Cooch Watching opportunity.  Mr. Reg Brown has been kind enough to offer the use of his 2 million dollar mansion for a fundraiser for The Cooch tonight in Alexandria, on MANSION DRIVE. That’s right, The Cooch is having a fundraiser in a 2 million dollar mansion on a street named Mansion Drive. Now, even though this is a private home, there is a nice public sidewalk located right in front. Heck, a ticket just into this shindig starts at $250.

Here is the information: 
Reg Brown
317 Mansion Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

Let’s get out there tonight and let these folks know that while they sit in their million dollar homes and eat their caviar or foie gras, or whatever… that we are organizing and we are relentless and we will never, ever, let The Cooch be Governor.  
Please send us a message or email for more details!  CoochWatch2012@gmail.com



It’s Official: The Cooch will bully anyone

It’s Official:  The Cooch Will Bully Anyone that gets in the way of his power grab…regardless of party affiliation. You might think someone who professes to lead by a great moral compass would respect his party’s authority and leadership decisions.  Of course, when you put a great moral compass together with megalomania you get a whole new species of politician.

You might remember that almost a year ago, The Cooch announced he would be running for governor against his own party’s presumed candidate, Bill Bolling.  As reported in the Washington Post, The Cooch wrote his staff a letter explaining:

“I hope you have known me long enough to know that I do this out of my love for our commonwealth and to further the principles on which this country was founded,” Cuccinelli wrote in an e-mail to his staff late Thursday. “I feel that two years from now, I can best serve the people of Virginia from the governor’s office.”

The Cooch had announced in 2009 that he wouldn’t run against Mr. Bolling stating “that would be a fool’s errand.” Oh, but power has a way of changing one’s perspective and The Cooch’s perspective over the last couple of years has been that of a school yard bully.

Unlike Attorney Generals before him, The Cooch refused to resign from his position as he runs for Governor.  He stated that his “focus and priority for the next two years will be on doing the job I was elected to do as Virginia’s attorney general.”  Of course we know that his interpretation of “the job he was elected to do” is wide and includes imposing his personal moral standards of the people of Virginia.

In addition to refusing to step down while he campaigns, The Cooch managed to get enough people on the GOP’s rule making central committee to change the Republican party’s method for determining a candidate.  Instead of having a primary to determine who would be the candidate, as both McDonnell and Bolling requested, Coochers on the committee angled to get the vote done by convention, which is known widely to be slanted toward the most conservative candidates.

The Cooch made sure all the cards were stacked in his favor and as a result Bill Bolling has announced he will not run against him.

We here at Cooch Watch believe that The Cooch does in fact represent the principles on which this commonwealth was founded over 200 years ago, particularly:  Sic Semper Tyrannis (Thus always to tyrants.) We and our many allies intend to represent another principle located on our state motto: Perseverando (perseverance).

We are the ones here who represent the values of our forefathers, Mr. Cuccinelli. We will not allow you to corrupt what it means to be a patriot or what it means to care about the values on which this commonwealth was created. We know you have great power and plan to use it any way you see fit, but we have perserverance and we have right on our side and we will never, ever, let you be governor.

The World According to The Cooch

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Cooch Watchers! The Cooch has made it official: He’s running for Governor. This week, The Cooch posted a frightening essay/fund raising letter on his website titled “Why I’m Running for Governor.” If you have the stomach to read this in its entirety, you will see for yourself why we find the letter terrifying. Here are some highlights for those with weaker stomachs:

  • “Our country was founded on the belief that our rights don’t come from the government, they come from our Creator. “
  • “Help me ensure that Virginia’s government values life….”
  • “Our campaign for governor is about more than just getting elected. It’s about changing hearts and minds and improving Virginians’ lives with conservative policies.” (Emphasis placed by The Cooch)
  • “I have been instrumental in changing the role of the office to focus on being the last line of defense for our Constitution.”
  • “I’m a leader. And I’m willing to do the work necessary to see our principled vision through.”

We can agree that The Cooch has never misrepresented himself as a moderate. He is very straight forward with his agenda. He has a vision for The Commonwealth, that vision is a “righteous” vision, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to impose this vision on the citizens of Virginia. It is Cooch Watch’s job to make sure the people of Virginia are LISTENING to The Cooch when he speaks. He is a very good writer and public speaker. He is educated, well-dressed, and convincing. But we are sure that if the people actually listen to what The Cooch is selling, and take in his radical religious based, right wing agenda for Governor, they will stand with us to ensure that The Cooch is never, ever Governor.

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Caption by Stephanie!

An Open Challenge to The Cooch

Without endorsing one party over another, we can safely say that yesterday’s voting results were a victory for women:

  • Rape philosophers Akin and Mourdock –  defeated
  • Mitt “Let’s overturn Roe v. Wade” Romney – defeated
  • George “Life begins at conception” Allen – defeated

Governor “Ultrasound” McDonnell fails to deliver Virginia for his party.

The Cooch’s (“I’m a bit of a numbers geek”) creepy and intrusive analysis of absentee votes on NOVEMBER 3RD was totally off base! The country and Virginia told right wing, anti-woman candidates to keep their opinions about the decisions we make in life out of our government’s laws and regulations.

Today marks an important day for The Cooch and Cooch Watch.  Today is the day when The Cooch no longer travels around campaigning for OTHER people. Today, he can loudly and proudly campaign for himself. And today Cooch Watch stands firm and resolute in saying that we will NEVER, EVER let him become Governor.

Cooch Watch wants to ask the citizens of Virginia to continue to help us expose The Cooch for who he really is and for what he really stands for. The Cooch needs to be asked his opinion on some very important matters. For example:  Is The Cooch a proponent of Personhood? Does he believe that all life begins at conception? Does he believe that there should be any exceptions made for abortion access? Does he believe in-vitro fertilization should remain legal in Virginia? Does he feel that some methods of birth control take a human life?

These are very important questions and questions we suspect he will be very hesitant to answer. We must hound him at every turn. We must expose him and his agenda to the people of Virginia.

Inevitably, The Cooch will be making appearances all over the Commonwealth over the next year selling his brand of “values.” Let’s make sure he is telling the whole truth. Let’s all make sure he is openly displaying his true distaste for womanhood and all the rights and responsibilities that come with it. Let’s ask him the important questions at every rally and every event at which he appears.


We’re waiting.

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Cooch Watch in Manassas

Cooch Watch headed to Manassas last Friday to take on The Cooch at the Virginia Defense of Marriage Summit at Reconciliation Community Church. The Summit was an anti-marriage equality event co-hosted by the Values Voter Bus Tour. This anti-marriage equality group travels to host conferences all across the country. Last Friday’s trip started in Lynchburg, stopped in Richmond at the State Capitol, and eventually made its way to Manassas.

Cooch Watch was denied entry at the church in Manassas, along with members of the press. After our brave protesters attempted to convince the “guards” to let them in, they decided to stay outside and picket the event. Cooch Watchers held up signs and made their presence known as drivers passed on the busy street that housed the church where The Cooch spoke.

One of the reporters who was turned away wrote a story on the event which you can read here. You can also read more about the event from Local Kicks and GayRVA.

The Cooch in Alexandria

The Cooch will be speaking at the Old Dominion Boat Club tonight on a panel about property rights and eminent domain in Virginia. The event starts at 6:30 and is open to the public. If you’re in the area and ready to Cooch Watch, please attend, bring signs, and wear red!

  • Date: Today, Thursday, October 25
  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: Old Dominion Boat Club – One King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314


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