It’s Official: The Cooch will bully anyone

It’s Official:  The Cooch Will Bully Anyone that gets in the way of his power grab…regardless of party affiliation. You might think someone who professes to lead by a great moral compass would respect his party’s authority and leadership decisions.  Of course, when you put a great moral compass together with megalomania you get a whole new species of politician.

You might remember that almost a year ago, The Cooch announced he would be running for governor against his own party’s presumed candidate, Bill Bolling.  As reported in the Washington Post, The Cooch wrote his staff a letter explaining:

“I hope you have known me long enough to know that I do this out of my love for our commonwealth and to further the principles on which this country was founded,” Cuccinelli wrote in an e-mail to his staff late Thursday. “I feel that two years from now, I can best serve the people of Virginia from the governor’s office.”

The Cooch had announced in 2009 that he wouldn’t run against Mr. Bolling stating “that would be a fool’s errand.” Oh, but power has a way of changing one’s perspective and The Cooch’s perspective over the last couple of years has been that of a school yard bully.

Unlike Attorney Generals before him, The Cooch refused to resign from his position as he runs for Governor.  He stated that his “focus and priority for the next two years will be on doing the job I was elected to do as Virginia’s attorney general.”  Of course we know that his interpretation of “the job he was elected to do” is wide and includes imposing his personal moral standards of the people of Virginia.

In addition to refusing to step down while he campaigns, The Cooch managed to get enough people on the GOP’s rule making central committee to change the Republican party’s method for determining a candidate.  Instead of having a primary to determine who would be the candidate, as both McDonnell and Bolling requested, Coochers on the committee angled to get the vote done by convention, which is known widely to be slanted toward the most conservative candidates.

The Cooch made sure all the cards were stacked in his favor and as a result Bill Bolling has announced he will not run against him.

We here at Cooch Watch believe that The Cooch does in fact represent the principles on which this commonwealth was founded over 200 years ago, particularly:  Sic Semper Tyrannis (Thus always to tyrants.) We and our many allies intend to represent another principle located on our state motto: Perseverando (perseverance).

We are the ones here who represent the values of our forefathers, Mr. Cuccinelli. We will not allow you to corrupt what it means to be a patriot or what it means to care about the values on which this commonwealth was created. We know you have great power and plan to use it any way you see fit, but we have perserverance and we have right on our side and we will never, ever, let you be governor.