Cooch does Koch

In our last post, we debunked the myth that The Cooch is a struggling grassroots underdog in the governors race. This latest article in the Huffington Post further proves our point by noting that almost half of the whopping million dollars he collected were from big money donors, including the Koch brothers. Furthermore, Mr. Underdog is releasing a book next month. We here at Cooch Watch refuse to purchase such right wing trash, but if any Cooch Watchers out there get their hands on a copy, please let us know.

Finally, we all know that The Cooch refused to relinquish his death grip on his position of Attorney General while running for Governor (as is customary for previous Attorney Generals). Let’s not buy into The Cooch’s propaganda that he respects our Commonwealth and its long and historic traditions. The Cooch respects his own personal lust for power and the opportunity it affords him to create the kind of theocracy he dreams of installing in Virginia.
We are watching you Cooch. And we will never, ever let you become Governor.
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