Cooch Watch in Manassas

Cooch Watch headed to Manassas last Friday to take on The Cooch at the Virginia Defense of Marriage Summit at Reconciliation Community Church. The Summit was an anti-marriage equality event co-hosted by the Values Voter Bus Tour. This anti-marriage equality group travels to host conferences all across the country. Last Friday’s trip started in Lynchburg, stopped in Richmond at the State Capitol, and eventually made its way to Manassas.

Cooch Watch was denied entry at the church in Manassas,¬†along with members of the press. After our brave protesters attempted to convince the “guards” to let them in, they decided to stay outside and picket the event. Cooch Watchers held up signs and made their presence known as drivers passed on the busy street that housed the church where The Cooch spoke.

One of the reporters who was turned away wrote a story on the event which you can read here. You can also read more about the event from Local Kicks and GayRVA.