Cooch Watch Roundup!

Here’s what others have been writing about the Cooch and TRAP:

An Op/Ed taking a look at the Cooch’s abortion crusade: “The move is classic Cuccinelli: ideological activism masquerading as professional legal ‘advice.'”


Anita Kumar has an article at the Washington Post outlining the Cooch’s bewildering and unprecedented legal position: “Cuccinelli’s legal opinion has led to confusion — and uncertainty — among many of those who lead the state’s 22 clinics that perform abortions, because it’s unclear how the board would interpret his position. Since the board first voted, Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) has added three new members to the board, including a doctor who opposes abortion and helped draft the original regulations.”


There is also a great piece up on Sociological Images looking at how legislation that targets the “supply side” of abortion effects the women who need access:  “Some of these women left the state to receive an abortion; in fact, the number of who received an out-of-state abortion more than quadrupled from 2003 to 2004. Accordingly, the average distance women had to travel to receive an abortion after 16 weeks increased from 33 miles in 2003 to 252 miles in 2004.”