Cooch Watch Takes Mansion Drive

Good Morning Cooch Watchers! What’s everybody in Northern Virginia doing tonight around 6:30??? We have been graced with another great Cooch Watching opportunity.  Mr. Reg Brown has been kind enough to offer the use of his 2 million dollar mansion for a fundraiser for The Cooch tonight in Alexandria, on MANSION DRIVE. That’s right, The Cooch is having a fundraiser in a 2 million dollar mansion on a street named Mansion Drive. Now, even though this is a private home, there is a nice public sidewalk located right in front. Heck, a ticket just into this shindig starts at $250.

Here is the information: 
Reg Brown
317 Mansion Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

Let’s get out there tonight and let these folks know that while they sit in their million dollar homes and eat their caviar or foie gras, or whatever… that we are organizing and we are relentless and we will never, ever, let The Cooch be Governor.  
Please send us a message or email for more details!