Donations from Who?!

It was recently discovered that the Cooch received sizeable donations from a man who created a fake charity called the U.S. Navy Veterans Association. Unsuspecting contributors to this otherwise innocuous sounding charity were unwittingly filling the coffers of Mr. Cuccinelli whom Bobby Thompson, the creator of the bogus fund, was especially fond of. Mr. Thompson gave the Cooch $55,500 in three donations, the last of which amounted to $50,000. The Cooch was rewarded with this last donation after he personally called Mr. Thompson to plead for additional money.


It is perhaps irresponsible to claim that the Cooch was privy to the fraudulent origin of the donations he so hungrily accepted. But while I doubt his innocence, ignorance further incriminates the man. His apparent unwillingness to investigate the suspiciously large contributions betrays any confidence citizens are supposed to have in our elected officials. Or perhaps he recognized some potential malfeasance, but willfully ignored any red flags. Both possibilities seem equally reprehensible. And all this from our Attorney General, the very person we should expect to be of particular scrupulousness in such matters.

This sort of news is disheartening and emblematic of wider problems in the extant political atmosphere. It serves to corrode the sliver of trust politicians had left and reminds us of the ills of money in politics. It is unfortunate that the people have to police politicians, but encouraging that so many great people tirelessly do so.

(Post by guest writer Michael S. of Woodbridge, Virginia)