Legal expert calls out the Cooch’s “underhanded tactics.”

There is a great op/ed in the Richmond Times Dispatch addressing the Cooch’s gross abuse of power and manipulation of the board of health.  Here is an excerpt:

At a heated public meeting in June, the board refused to impose this ill-advised and draconian measure on existing clinics, amending the regulation to remove the new construction standards. A member of the attorney general’s staff tried to pressure members to fall in line, continuing the office’s full-court press against the members of the board by attempting to persuade them during a lunch break to change their votes on the amendment.

The attorney general’s office failed, and the amendment stands — but then, Cuccinelli tried yet another underhanded tactic by refusing to “certify” the regulations that the Board of Health passed. The board must now reconsider its action.


You can read the article in it’s entirety here.