Let the Pandering Begin

As most of you probably know, tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Cooch Watch kicked off a week of events today in Charlottesville in honor of this huge milestone.

The Cooch has presented us with a golden opportunity at St Paul’s Episcopal Church to do a little Cooch Watching and stand up to the man who has done more than anyone to end access to abortion in Virginia. On this 40th anniversary, we will stand in protest as The Cooch begins his year of pandering.

Tomorrow, it’s the Jews.

According to a memo from his office, The Cooch will be talking at the Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day about “human trafficking, Medicaid fraud issues, and mental health.” We wish he would have taken this opportune moment to talk more about his views on abortion rights and contraception, but it seems like The Cooch has been lying low on these subjects lately.

Regardless, we will be there to let him know on this day which is an important milestone for women throughout the country, we are not taking our right to abortion access for granted and will always be watching, waiting, and ready to defend this most basic of human rights.