Newsflash: Common Decency Doesn’t Make You a Lover of Woman Kind.

This week it appears The Cooch is pandering in uncharted waters: women. We have been carefully watching The Cooch’s new and very vocal campaign to end human trafficking. He recently had an op ed printed in the Washington Times and has used the issue as a talking point at many of his most recent appearances. Initially, we watched this with our usual keen and suspicious eyes. We were pretty sure that The Cooch thought he had found a “woman-oriented issue” that he could pretend to “endorse” that wouldn’t completely turn his stomach. We expected The ¬†Cooch would use his opposition to modern day slavery, (which is what human trafficking is), as an example of how he is a champion of women’s ¬†rights. But we waited. We wanted further proof that the pandering to women was in full swing.

That moment finally came to us on Monday when The Cooch came out in public claiming he was against the mandatory ultrasound bill that was passed in last year’s legislative session.

This Washington Post article outlines in great detail the farce that The Cooch perpetrated in an attempt to fake endorsing a revocation of the mandatory ultrasound bill.

First things first: The Cooch loves regulating abortion. Do we really even need to debate this point? We think not. Waste of time. Moving on.

Secondly: Even if he genuinely didn’t like the required trans-vaginal bill, who in their right mind would?

Thirdly (and this brings us full circle): Any decent human being who thinks that torturing kittens is wrong knows that human trafficking/modern slavery and forced ultrasounds are bad things.


Give it up, Cooch. Be who you are. You hate independent women and you hate the autonomy we have in our lives. The only respect we here at Cooch Watch had for you was the fact that you were at least honest about your hatred of the female body. Now you’ve gone and screwed that up.

Stay tuned for our next blog posting on what this means for women voters.