Standing on The Cooch’s Last Line of Defense

We know y’all wanted to be with us at the Cooch Watch Book Club this
weekend. It was so much fun, that for those who couldn’t be there, we
thought we’d write up a little book report.

Picture this: Snow falls on a swanky mall deep in the DC suburbs,
Kenny’s home turf. The Cooch himself sits smugly behind a table
stacked with books, as well as a bottle of Fiji water and a gallon of
hand sanitizer. A squadron of mall cops, nervously sweating Barnes &
Noble employees, frumpy campaign staffers and pimply-faced 17 year old
Breitbart reporters hover around their right-wing savior.

A scraggly line of old white men waits in anticipation for the chance
to get a few words in with the Tea Party’s heir apparent. A splash of
red arrives on the scene on this gray day, armed with copies of
Kenny’s new novella. Lacey Landry and Cooch Watch would face The Cooch
this day. What will happen???

Stay tuned for our next installment entitled “We Gave The Cooch Choices”.