The Cooch “does not have the authority to investigate”

In case you missed it, Virginia has fallen victim to real voter fraud. Colin Small, a man working for the Republican Party of Virginia through a contracting agency called Pinpoint, has been charged with 13 counts of destruction of voter registration applications, disclosure of voter registration information, and obstruction of justice. The crimes are currently being investigated by “local authorities.”

Citizens of Virginia and Democrats in public office have urged The Cooch to investigate this voter fraud. The Cooch recently sent a letter to Rep. Donald McEachin stating that the office of the Attorney General “does not have the authority to investigate election matters.” This is because it has not been explicitly requested by the State Board of Elections, a local commonwealth’s attorney, or a local electoral board member. In his letter he also stated that he agrees with Rep. McEachin that the Attorney General should have the authority to investigate voter fraud without the request of another entity. He vowed to help Rep. McEachin pass a law during the next legislative session that would give this authority to the Attorney General.

The Virginia Board of Elections has stated that they will not request an investigation by The Cooch.