The Cooch doesn’t believe women are worth protecting, unless they’re in fetal form.

In January of this year, the National Association of Attorneys General sent a letter to the Members of Congress asking them to reinstate the Violence Against Women Act. This act helped to reduce the annual incidence of domestic violence by over 50% since 1994. This legislation would help strengthen domestic violence prevention programs, provide better services for victims of domestic violence, and train people to recognize warning signs of domestic violence.

Attorneys General from 47 of the 50 states signed this document, along with all Attorneys General from outlying territories.

Those who did not sign this letter include Alabama’s Luther Strange, Alaska’s Michael G. Geraghty, and (surprise!Virginia’s very own Ken Cuccinelli.

It is not news to us that The Cooch doesn’t actually care about women’s health. We can see this in his attempt to shut down abortion providers, but this lack of respect for the livelihood of women is disgusting and heartbreaking.

This man is running for governor and we must do everything we can to stop him from getting elected. Please join us. Your support is crucial.


Please join us this Saturday between 11am and 2pm in Richmond for a gathering of Cooch Watchers. We need your help and we’d love to meet our supporters. Come eat some good food, meet the organizers from Cooch Watch and other local women’s rights advocacy groups, and buy a t-shirt. You can check out the Facebook event page here or find out more information on this post.