The Cooch takes the gloves off and outright threatens the Board of Health

We here at Cooch Watch are just glad the whole “we care about women’s health” charade is over for The Cooch. Yesterday, in a letter from the Office of the Attorney General, The Cooch told Board of Health members that they were not required to take his advice, however if they did not, he could deny them  state legal counsel and they would have to pay for their own defense if litigation follows as a result.

So, basically, The Attorney General is supposed to defend ALL state agencies and he is going to REFUSE to uphold his Constitutionally mandated duties if you don’t agree with him. Sounds about right to us.

If you are in Virginia, we hope that you will be out in force at tomorrow’s Board of Heath meeting. The time is now. Let’s show the bullies in power that Virginians will not sit quietly by while you threaten our public officials. We must come out and support the Board and show them that we will stand behind them while they make the right decision. Re-instate the Grandfather Clause!

Check out the Facebook event here.