The World According to The Cooch

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Cooch Watchers! The Cooch has made it official: He’s running for Governor. This week, The Cooch posted a frightening essay/fund raising letter on his website titledĀ “Why I’m Running for Governor.” If you have the stomach to read this in its entirety, you will see for yourself why we find the letter terrifying. Here are some highlights for those with weaker stomachs:

  • “Our country was founded on the belief that our rights don’t come from the government, they come from our Creator. “
  • “Help me ensure that Virginia’s government values life….”
  • “Our campaign for governor is about more than just getting elected. It’s about changing hearts and minds and improving Virginians’ lives with conservative policies.” (Emphasis placed by The Cooch)
  • “I have been instrumental in changing the role of the office to focus on being the last line of defense for our Constitution.”
  • “I’m a leader. And I’m willing to do the work necessary to see our principled vision through.”

We can agree that The Cooch has never misrepresented himself as a moderate. He is very straight forward with his agenda. He has a vision for The Commonwealth, that vision is a “righteous” vision, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to impose this vision on the citizens of Virginia. It is Cooch Watch’s job to make sure the people of Virginia are LISTENING to The Cooch when he speaks. He is a very good writer and public speaker. He is educated, well-dressed, and convincing. But we are sure that if the people actually listen to what The Cooch is selling, and take in his radical religious based, right wing agenda for Governor, they will stand with us to ensure that The Cooch is never, ever Governor.