VA Health Commissioner Remley resigns over new abortion regulations

Virginia’s Health Commissioner, Karen Remley, courageously resigned from her position because of new abortion clinic regulations. These new onerous regulations were passed after The Cooch bullied and threatened the Board of Health to vote in line with his views. He favored the exclusion of a grandfather clause that would protect existing clinics from closure. These medically unnecessary regulations were passed in June with an amendment that included a grandfather clause, but it was promptly removed by order of The Cooch. The Board of Health re-voted in September and passed the regulations without the grandfather clause.

Karen Remley stated in her resignation letter, “Unfortunately, how specific sections of the Virginia Code pertaining to the development and enforcement of these regulations have been and continue to be interpreted has created an environment in which my ability to fulfill my duties is compromised and in good faith I can no longer serve in my role.”

We commend her for her hard work and effort during this process. We here at Cooch Watch appreciate this brave step she has taken in making people aware of unacceptable behavior of government officials in the Commonwealth.

The news has spread far and wide and you can read about it from USA Today, the Ms. Foundation, Washington Post, and Think Progress.