You’ve been Cooch Watched!

At about 12:30pm today, The Cooch posted a notice on his Facebook page stating he’d be speaking at Poe’s Pub in Richmond at 1pm for the Americans for Prosperity bus tour. We here at Cooch Watch got our stuff together, put out a call to action, and showed up at this event just in time to snatch up two tables, front and center. The Cooch sat next to us before he was introduced as their keynote speaker. He then spoke while several Cooch Watchers (in our bright red shirts) watched in disgust (and boredom). He looked quite uncomfortable.

From now on, we can expect that The Cooch will not reveal when he will be at public events. If you hear about any Cooch appearances in advance, please let us know. Also, keep an eye out on our Facebook page every day for last minute calls to action.